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Third Rock Events is a full-service events production company with operations around the world. We specialize in festivals for city governments and fundraisers for nonprofits, but also produce corporate, social, and political events. We’re experts at staffing and logistics, and have a large network of contractors to fulfill all your event needs. Our staff is experienced and professional, working hard so you don’t have to.

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Shawn Cosner has been involved with the production of successful festivals and events for the past eighteen years. His accomplishments include the Mediterranean Festival of the Arts ’10 and ’11, SailVA 2007, OpSail Norfolk 2000, recipient Best Outdoor Beer Festival in 2015 for the South End Hops Festival and 2015 Best Neighborhood Festival, 2015 Best Wine Event and 2016 Best Boozy Festival for the South End Wine Festival. Mr. Cosner has also worked closely with the Virginia Arts Festival and over the past eighteen years to ensure their successes, and was part of the production team for a Discovery Network reality show pilot. His passion for producing events is apparent in the high-quality that results. Shawn Cosner’s dynamic management skills have been instrumental in the growth and transformation of the festivals he has worked for, and many of the logistical and managerial practices he developed are now mainstays of those productions. His accomplishments have been recognized and rewarded by all of his clients, and he was subsequently invited to be involved in projects with the Democratic National Convention, the Discovery Network, and the three-time award winning South End Wine Festival.



Angel Scott graduated from George Mason University with a degree in Public Relations and two minors in Business and Events Planning. Her expertise and lengthy experience in the field of event management have contributed to her specialization in mobilizing local efforts. She has conducted local outreach efforts and gained community involvement from numerous organizations and groups along the East Coast. Ms. Scott also has experience writing press releases and communicating with the media.